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The introduction of Moneta: The Roman Imperial Coin Program in 1999 revolutionized ancient
coin software.  Virtually all other "Roman coin" software is as suitable for collecting matchbooks
or buttons as Roman coinage, but Moneta is targeted specifically to the coinage of the Roman
Empire, both from the central Imperial mints and the provincial mints.  The advent of the unique
Numus Moneta font enabled both Roman and Greek coinages to use the same font.  Numus has
followed the time-proven success of Moneta with a Reference Edition of Moneta, and a program,
Nomisma, which will revolutionize the collecting of Byzantine coins is in final stages of preparation.

Numus has very carefully created migration paths from the Windows 95 version all the way through
to Windows 7, including the newer 64-bit operating systems.  We have a process of continuous
product improvement, and our free minor upgrades include those changes necessary to make the
programs run on new Windows operating systems.  Currently we offer both a trial CD and a full
purchase CD, both of which contain the classic Moneta and the Moneta Reference Edition.  When
released, the Byzantine program, Nomisma, will be added to the CD.

There are no hidden extras at Numus.  The price you see is the price you pay.  "Shipping and handling"
is always included, though for heavy books a surcharge for non-US destinations is stated next to the price. 

Regarding books, our business is software, but our library is first-rate and we encourage others to learn,
not only about the coinage, but the lives and times of those who created and used them.  Thus we offer
quite a selection of fine used books, many, if not most, at the lowest total price on the internet.
Our selection of classical books, both numismatic and non-numismatic, can be seen here. 

Moneta FAQ's here, for all else regarding the classic Moneta program, see here.

Moneta Reference FAQ's here, for all else regarding Moneta Reference Edition,
see here.

For a look at the soon-to-be-released Nomisma program, see here.

Note to Mac users:  All Numus software is intended for the Windows platform -
it will not run native on a Mac.  However, you can run Windows on OS X using
the BootCamp functionality which allows you to boot into either Windows or OS X. 
Of course the catch is that you have to buy and install Windows on the Mac.  
      Another solution that some customers are using is to run Numus products using Parallels:
     Parallels allows you to run Windows sessions from within the Mac OS, so you just boot up
in OS X and then run Windows programs as desired without closing your Mac environment
or programs.  Both solutions unfortunately require the purchase of a Windows OS, but Numus
 software is backwards compatible through at least Windows 2000, so an old Windows OS may be used.

We encourage visitors to join what is the best-moderated ancient coinage discussion group
available today:  Princeps.  It's free, on-topic, civil, and has many of ancient numismatics
most respected names as members.  Details can be found at

!!!!!!!!!!!   FREE ROMAN COIN FONT  !!!!!!!!!!!
See the Font Download page for the restrictions and download. 

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